When my lover leaves
our bed…it is colder
sometimes I turn
the blanket on and sometimes
I just get

I used to wait
until our dog jumped
up to sit at my feet
which gave me some
thing to cuddle with
but as the dog got older
and couldn’t jump
I picked her up
though ultimately she decided to ascend
to Heaven to visit
with some of the other folk she loved

when the sun tucks in
the air is cooler
though it is only right
that night brings
the soothing warmth
that puts us to sleep

the same could be said
of Winter pushing
Autumn into Summer’s embrace

Snow and ice will come
which is necessary for seeds
to grow
flowers to bloom
birds to nibble
so that eggs can hatch

but all change either
Right or Left
brings something cool
or certainly something missing

Afeni is not only
a cloud sheltering the sun
or the rain braising
the thirsty grass
She is also a season indicating change

She has ascended to the Heavens
to join those She loves
to bring the warmth to our souls
to help us

- Nikki Giovanni (Click here to learn more)

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